The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter

If you are a fan of otherworldly relationships, be sure to check out The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter. It’s an edge-of-your-seat page turner, and there’s plenty of action, drama and vampire adventure to keep you reading deep into the night. The protagonist is not your typical run-of-the-mill heroine, and her unapologetic demeanor is refreshing to see. Hold on while the plot twists and turns and revelations are made that will be sure to surprise, and have you anticipating the next chapter in this saga.

When two paranormal people meet, the sparks fly. But can they make a relationship work when they must work together?
Cerys Bain is feared in her world because people know exactly what she is and what she can do. Cerys likes things the way they are because it keeps everything quiet and people out of her business. When she meets one particular dhampir, she isn’t impressed. Or at least, she won’t show she is. Is it possible this man could be her mate? Cerys doesn’t believe in fate or mates, and she doesn’t need any man or dhampir in her life telling her what to do.
Saeed knows from the moment he meets Cerys that she is meant to be his. She is his mate and the other half of his soul. Cerys however, is not making things easy for Saeed. She is bound to an evil mage named Rin, and in order for them to be together, Saeed must play the mage’s game to free her. Can Saeed convince Cerys that it’s worth the games and destruction to become his? [more…]